Airdrie Festival of Lights

Glowing Brightly since 1996.

27 Glowing Years of Family Tradition

The history of the lights.

In October of 1996, City Alderman Stan Softley unveiled his vision to transform Nose Creek Park into a Christmas Light Display like no other. Needing an initial investment from Community members’ of $70,000 for the overall $250,000 project, Stan and Festival Organizers set in a motion an event designed to ‘put Airdrie on the map’. Stan believed that establishing a permanent Festival of Lights display would be a “boon to the City’s fortunes, both in terms of economics and community prestige”. He wanted the Festival to become an annual tradition for everyone. It was all pretty simple, Stan believed
• The festival would generate thousands of new dollars for retail merchants.
• Make Airdrie a destination point for visitors.
• The City would benefit from increased exposure, and improve their image.
• Non-profit community groups would benefit by sharing revenues generated.
• The festival would provide an ongoing financial legacy to the groups that helped the project succeed.
What’s astounding was his belief that all of this could be achieved without draining municipal coffers. It would be entirely volunteer-based, and not funded with taxpayer dollars. An achievement we’re proud to say continues to this day.

Did you know?

More than $400,000 has been donated back into the community from funds raised at the Festival.

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